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A Guide to Understanding Google Algorithm Updates

What Are Google Algorithm Updates?

Google algorithm updates are changes that the search engine giant makes to its algorithms that dictate how websites and content appear in search engine result pages (SERPs). These updates are made periodically, with the purpose of continually refining how users experience the web.

How Do Google Algorithm Updates Affect SEO?

Google algorithm updates can have a huge impact on organic rankings, visibility, and website traffic for various websites. Depending on the type of update that has been released, certain websites may see their rankings increase due to their optimization attempts or drop drastically if their content is not up-to-date or relevant to what people are searching for.

Who Does Google Algorithm Updates Affect?

Google algorithm updates affect search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners as well as average web users alike. From an SEO perspective, understanding these changes is essential in order to keep up with the competition and maintain high visibility in SERPs. For users, they depend on these updates ensuring they find exactly what they’re looking for when using a search engine.

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